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Great tasting ready meals high in protein, low in fat, with everything you need to achieve your personal goals and none of the stuff that’s stopping you.

No compromise tasty meals, with everything your body needs.

Work Hard... Train Hard...

Don't Compromise on your Diet!

Are you tired of the evening food prep routine or rushing to cook up a healthy High Protein meal?

Do you find yourself standing with the fridge door open looking for answers?

Do you struggle to get all of your Macro Nutrients right... all of the time?



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We produce various types of meals that are high in protein, high/low in carbs, with absolutely no added salt or sugar. Each meal is nutritionally balanced. Whatever your goals, Fuelbox can help you achieve them by providing you with the convenient, nutritionally balanced meals you need!


FRESH INGREDIENTS: We receive delivery of fresh ingredients from our local supply partners every day.

PREPARATION: Our team of chefs prepare and cook in small batches.

FREEZING: Meals are Blast Frozen to preserve nutrients and ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

DELIVERY: FUELBOX meals are delivered to your door in special thermally insulated packaging, at a convenient time.

ENJOY: Each meal can be defrosted or reheated from frozen, giving you everything you need to achieve your goals.