Our Food

Fuelbox Ready Meals

We care about our food

Chef Prepared: To ensure our meals are the best quality and consistency, all our food is prepared in small batches.

Nutritionally balanced: We produce various types of meals that are high in protein, high/low in carbs, with absolutely no added salt or sugar. Each meal is nutritionally balanced. Whatever your goals, Fuelbox can help you achieve them by providing you with the correct diet.

Variety We will introduce and have a wide range of meals to suit all tastes, whatever your personal preference. We have five meals in our initial range including: Sweet Potato Beef Hot-Pot, Chunky Beef Con Carne, Turkey Meatballs & Tomato Sauce,  Turkey Curry and Chicken with Rice and Green Veg with lots more recipes to follow…

How it works

  • FRESH INGREDIENTS: We receive delivery of fresh ingredients from our local supplier partners.
  • PREPARATION: Our team of chefs prepare and cook in small batches.
  • FREEZING: Meals are Blast Frozen to preserve nutrients and ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
  • Order: An order for FUELBOX is made at www.fuelboxnutrition.co.uk
  • Delivery: FUELBOX meals are delivered to your door, at a convenient time.
  • Enjoy: Each meal can be defrosted or reheated from frozen, giving you everything you need to achieve your goals.

Fuelbox Ready Meals

Fu3l Box Meals are available in two sizes.

As our range increases there will be a wide range of low carb, high carb meals introduced for different styles of training and different dietary requirements.

Below are some typical examples of our meals (please note: values are approximate only)

Large: Main Meals

  • approx 500 Calories
  • 55-70g Protein
  • 15-40g Carbohydrates

Minis: Smaller portions for eating little and often 5/6 times per day.

  • approx 250 Calories
  • 25-35g Protein
  • 10-20g Carbohydrates

Fuelbox Lean Meats

Highly nutritious freshly prepared cuts of lean British Beef & Chicken. Competitively priced and sourced from only the best British butchers. Our lean cuts of meat are packed with the protein you need for healthy recovery after all your hard work.