Understanding what body type you are and how it can help??

Understanding what body type you are can have a huge effect on the type of training and nutrition that you will implement to get the best results for you. To decide which type of training you want to do muscle gain, conditioning or weight loss can depend on your body type. Genetics play the biggest part in what type of body you have and learning which one you are and the traits of each will help you to develop the right training style and nutrition plan for you.

Body Type

There are three different body types ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs, you need to know which type you are so that you can develop the most effective training style and nutrition plan for you. Below you will find the three different types and the main characteristics associated with them, use these to determine your body type and their associated traits……

Understanding your body typeEctomorph Body Type

The classic ‘skinny guy’ with a slight build and lean muscle. Ecto’s are typically ‘hardgainers’ and find it very hard to gain weight. They have a fast metabolism which goes through calories very quickly and they typically need a higher daily calorie intake. Training should typically be short and intense, focusing on major muscle groups until a solid foundation is developed. Ectomorphs need to keep up their diet and training as they can very easily lose everything they have built up.

Typical traits of an ectomorph body:

  1. Slight build of lean muscle
  2. Fast metabolism
  3. Small joints (wrists and ankles)
  4. Small shoulders
  5. Generally longer limbs
  6. Flatter chest
  7. Finds it hard to gain weight

You should or can:

  1. Do full body workouts
  2. Have a significant calorie intake
  3. Eat more cheat meals
  4. Keep workouts short and intense

You shouldn’t:

  1. Do lots of cardio

Mesomorph Body Type

The best body type for muscle growth and all round fitness. Meso’s typically find it easier to gain lean muscle mass and respond well to weight training. They are naturally stronger, which should give a good foundation. However, this comes with some drawbacks, as meso’s metabolism isn’t as fast as ectomorphs leading to possible weight gain. Usually a mixture of weight training and cardio will be the best for meso’s.

Typical traits of a mesomorph:

  1. Athletic
  2. Hard muscles
  3. Rectangular shaped body
  4. Naturally strong
  5. Symmetrical body shape
  6. Wide shoulders
  7. Small waist

You should or can:

  1. Train in the 8-12 rep range with a mixture of training styles
  2. Get enough protein
  3. Use isolation moves as ‘finishers’
  4. Do some cardio to keep excess body fat reduced

You shouldn’t:

  1. Take your body for granted
  2. Eat whatever you like

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorphs are generally a ‘larger build’ with higher body fat and little muscle definition. Endo’s are generally very strong, but find it very difficult to reduce body fat. Endo’s need to concentrate on more cardio and an intense training style that will burn body fat. Unfortunately this body type is the hardest in terms of managing body fat and overall fitness.

Typical traits of an endomorph

  1. Large, blocky body structure
  2. Hold lots of body fat
  3. Generally shorter
  4. Rounder body
  5. Slow metabolism
  6. Larger bone structure

You should or can:

  1. Always concentrate on a mixture of cardio and intense training
  2. Keep carbohydrate intake low
  3. Be very careful about your diet
  4. Train as much as you like

You shouldn’t

  1. Eat a large calorie surplus
  2. Train for muscle gain all the time
  3. Do endless ab work in isolation.

Above are all the common traits of the three different body types and some of the do’s and don’ts for each body type. Identifying which type you are, can vastly improve your ability to plan your training style and schedule, as well as tailor your nutrition plan.