Eat Clean, Train Hard…

Why compromise on your diet?

Whatever your personal goals, a good diet is a core foundation. Eating clean can be difficult and sometimes unrealistic, whether it’s the time to go out shopping, cook and prepare your food, or not wanting to eat the same chicken breast and brown rice every day…

Introducing FUELBOX

A range of nutritionally balanced ready meals, high in protein, low in fat, with everything you need to achieve your personal goals and none of the stuff that’s stopping you.

We created FUELBOX as a convenient, great tasting alternative for people who are serious about their diet. Our goal was to create muscle building or weight control meals that not only taste great but make it convenient and cost effective to eat right whilst training hard.

No more excuses

The time for excuses is over. With FuelBox, it’s never been easier to control your diet. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete or just want to stay in shape whilst exercising you’ll understand just how important your diet is…

Simply choose either single meals, meal bundles or a monthly subscription and which meals you’d like to receive. Then place your order and let us take care of the rest. You’ll receive your meals direct to your door at a convenient time to suit you.

Simply store the meals, defrost or reheat from frozen whenever you require. FUELBOX is great tasting, nutritionally balanced food that helps you achieve your personal goals, whether cutting weight or bulking up.